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RADIO COMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT engThe Electronic Communications (Regulation) Act(Cap. 399) requires that the installation or use of radiocommunications equipment is subject to an individual licence unless the equipment is licence exempt or covered by a general authorisation.
Radiocommunications individual equipment licences are generally valid for a period of one year term and are renewed for further terms subject to the payment of the renewal licence fees.
All licences contain a set of conditions to ensure that the radio equipment being licensed uses radio spectrum in the most efficient manner.
Such conditions therefore could include limitations on the location where the equipment may be installed as well as on the operational technical parameters.
The following forms pertain to equipment that is subject to the grant of an individual radiocommunications equipment licence.
Application for a Radio Link Licence (MCA/10/23) can be requested here.

Electronic-communications-servicesThe provision of Electronic Communications Services in Malta is regulated under a General Authorisation Regime.
In this regard, any undertaking which intends to provide an electronic communications service and/or network in Malta is required to formally notify the Malta Communications Authority (MCA) for a general authorisation.
The notification process involves the completion of an official notification form, which must be signed and submitted to the MCA, together with the necessary documentation.
Further information can be obtained from the MCA website at the following link.

Postal-servicesPostal Services falling within the Universal Service Area must be provided by the Universal Service Provider, in Malta’s case MaltaPost plc, but may be provided, if so licensed, by other postal service providers.
Any undertaking wishing to provide these services must apply for a licence with the Malta Communications Authority (MCA).
An undertaking which intends to provide postal services falling outside the scope of the Universal Service is required to notify the MCA for a general authorisation to provide such services.
Further information may be obtained from the MCA website at the following link.

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