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Income tax

Income-TaxTax registration

Any business which is resident in Malta, or which is not resident in Malta but carries on any activity in Malta, is required to register for a tax registration number with the Commissioner for Revenue. Some small businesses can be registered as VAT exempt. These still need to register, but neither charge nor claim back VAT. The website provides many services including an E-Vat online service, for which you must first register.

Tax Compliance

Tax returns are filed annually either within 9 months of the company's year end or by the 31 March - whichever is earlier. They can be submitted directly to Commissioner for Revenue or filed electronically, for which you will receive a 'real time' receipt. The Commissioner for Revenue website provides detailed guides on rights and obligations related to income tax returns. Further details may be viewed on the Tax Compliance Unit website.

How to complete your corporate tax return?

The CFR Services Online provides a service for corporate taxpayers to submit their Tax Returns online. Every company applying for this service is provided with its own personalised tax return. The personalised e-Return incorporates, besides other details, the names of directors and shareholders according to the Registrar of Companies, the income tax payments for the year and a specific key unique to the company and may only be used for electronic filing.

The e-Return includes a number of verification checks that indicate to the Tax Practitioner any possible mistakes in calculations and legislative or accounting principles that may result in additional taxes for the taxpayer.

One of the main advantages of e-Return is that its completion may be carried out offline, thus reducing the connection costs of filling out this multiple page document and need not be done at one go. Click here for a guide on how to submit your corporate tax return online.

Provisional tax

Companies are required to pay provisional tax during the year in which income is earned. Such tax is held on account until a self-assessment is determined by the company. The final balance of tax must be paid by the same deadline applicable to the submission of the tax return. Payments can be made online through the Commissioner for Revenue website or through internet banking. Companies also have to deduct tax and national insurance contributions from their employees' salaries.

Excise Duties

Operators trading in excise goods and services (alcohol, tobacco and oil products) on which duty is suspended or unpaid require authorisation by the Customs Division.



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